I used a different natural toothpaste before and recently changed it to Koral. I'm so satisfied! I like the subtle herb scent, it's clean. It feels better to use than other products. I strongly recomment^^


I'm pregnant and have been having a hard time brushing my teeth, so I've been using a lot of natural toothpaste. This toothpaste is very mild and causes no toothaches. It's perfect for refreshment and my gums don't bleed when I brush. I'll still be using Koral until after I give birth. 


If I use other toothpastes my throat hurts, which is why I switched to Koral. I've been using Koral ever since~


Koral Natural Toothpaste

98% Natural and Organic Ingredients
Vitamin B + Vitamin C + Folic Acid
Available for all ages, includes children and pregnant women
12FREE: excludes 12 common toxins and contaminants found in other toothpastes


Koral Extra Soft Toothbrush

Softest Toothbrush in the World!
Hypoallergenic, Sensitive Teeth
12,000 ultra soft bristles clean and massage gums without irritation