Everyday Essentials
Koral is committed to being Safe and Natural.

Koral only uses ingredients that are necessary to promote better oral care. 
We exclude unnecessary and toxic substances from our products.

Our Story
"I wanted to make a product that's pretty, functional, and uses reliable ingredients."

Created in 2019 by our president, who was a manufacturing manager at a pharmaceuticals company 
Designed with the user's health as the number one priority. Because we use toothpaste everyday, it is essential to use safe ingredients.
Koral seeks to provide safe and reliable solution to the oral care needs of consumers worldwide. 

Koral is Different

Natural and Organic Ingredients


Cruelty Free


No Artificial Flavoring


No Harmful Ingredients


Our Philosophy
Mission statement: To promote healthy oral care and provide safe solutions to the oral care needs everyone in the family can use.
From safe and natural toothpaste, to the softest toothbrush in the world. Let's work together to make our lives more healthy and comfortable.